An innovative system to fight against mosquitoes

UNFO-PLS was born from an intuition that inspired Eng. Cosimo Sarno during his reflections about how to improve the urban decor of cities making the streets cleaner and at the same time fighting the proliferation of mosquitoes but also of other annoying, harmful and dangerous insects and animals for humans.

The result of this winning idea was a registered patent (Patent Number: 102015000066852 Nr. PCT / IT2016 / 000258)

It consists of a simple but effective method for healthier and more liveable cities, and consequently a healthy environment for the well-being of the whole community.

«Having healthier and more liveable cities and therefore, a healthy environment for the citizen's well-being»

UNFO-PLS is an entirely eco-sustainable solution, a device for the fight against mosquitoes made using regenerated High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a highly innovative material which is totally recyclable to eliminate the environmental impact.

What a storm drain is?

The storm drain or drainer is an element of the sewer system used to collect rainwater (and/or water used for street washing) and to convey it into the sewer system.

The grid is the main external component of the drainer that allows flowing of water, while limiting in the meanwhile the transit of items that can obstruct the sewer pipes.

The problem of storm drains

The drains connect the road surface with a humid and unhealthy underground world. The sewers are a natural and protected habitat for mice, cockroaches and other insects such as, for example, mosquitoes and other annoying animals and carriers of important diseases.

To all this are added the bad smells that come out and the continuous obstructions that occur due to sand, debris, foliage and much more that falls inside through the grate.

The bodies in charge (Local Health Companies, municipalities and/or private citizens) are therefore forced to a systematic purging of the wells below and to a continuous disinfestation of drains, wells and related ducts, which involves the use of poisons useful for the purpose but certainly harmful for the environment and which have costs anything but negligible.

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