The operation of the UNFO-PLS anti-mosquito manhole

UNFO-PLS represents an innovative solution to the problems caused by drains, a simple yet ingenious intuition composed of a filtering system independent of the road grate.
Effective, simple and easy to maintain, its installation requires an easy and quick intervention.

How does UNFO-PLS work against mosquitoes?

The operation of UNFO-PLS is based on an elementary principle that adjusts and operates its mechanism according to intensity of rain and rainwater.


(A) In the absence of rain, the device remains normally closed ensuring the isolation between the road environment and underground pipelines

(B) In rainy conditions, the device allows the normal flow of rainwater, while preventing foliage and branches from reaching the sewers.

The operation of UNFO-PLS is based on an elementary principle that adjusts and operates its mechanism based on the intensity of rain and rainwater.

  • In case of drought and no rain the device remains closed and it isolates the sewer system from the roadway, thus avoiding the passage of insects such as mosquitoes or cockroaches, animals such as sewer rats and even bad smells.
  • In case of light to moderate rainfall, UNFO-PLS partially opens allowing the few water to flow into the sump without stagnating but at the same time retaining foliage and other debris.
  • In the event of heavy rains, when the volume of rainwater reaches consistent levels, the valve of the UNFO-PLS device completely opens under the water pressure and allows a fast outflow that drags all the debris from the sump to the sewers.

Benefits of UNFO-PLS installing

The main advantage guaranteed by the installation of the UNFO-PLS mosquito repellent device is the improvement of quality  for outdoor air and urban environments, since it connects the roadway with the underlying sewage system only when it is strictly necessary, that means when the rainwater must outflow.
In all other circumstances the collection pipes, receptacle for bad smells, mosquito larvae, harmful insects and other animals such as mice, all vehicles for the spread of infectious diseases and dirt, are sealed and isolated from the surface.
Furthermore, with this anti-intrusion system it is no longer necessary to resort to pesticides or other poisons for disinfestations, benefiting not only money saving but also the environment.
UNFO-PLS can be mounted on newly built drains but also on existing ones, and is a huge leap forward in safeguarding the environment but also to increase the livability of our cities and streets!

Another peculiarity of the system is represented by the obstacle it opposes to bulky objects (foliage, twigs, debris) in clogging the well and sewer pipes in drought conditions. In case of rain, the device opens and allows the water to flow into the well.

UNFO-PLS anti-mosquitoes device series test

Between May 2020 and September 2021, the period of greatest proliferation of mosquitoes, a functional test of the series product was carried out in Balerna, in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland.

The results were surprising: the SUPSI Institute of Applied Microbiology certified significant collapses in the positive results for mosquito larvae and pupae inside the hatches with the UNFO-PLS device, as shown in the following graph.

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